Ariat jument Qh de 8 ans. Probleme de comportement/santé en selle (voir infos plus bas) .

Cheval de cie seulement . 

Quarter horse
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We got her 16 months ago. 3 months after buying her, she started rearing up. It became dangerous. It soon didn’t matter who got on her, she would do it with everyone. But it was only going right. Or going around her first barrel ( going right). We had a dental specialist see her. An osteopath, 3 vets, her hicks injected, 2 Ferrier’s, a horse communicator, we tried changing her discipline from barrels to jumper/pleasure. Nothing changed. She is an angel on the ground. One vet diagnosed her ( without xrays) as having wobblers in her neck. He said she should no longer be ridden. Then in September Ariat suffered a kick injury to the bulb of her heel in her paddock. We are on day 66.... she was put on box stall rest ( she lives outdoors 24/7). She is almost healed from this injury.  We feel that Ariat is in pain when ridden. But otherwise seems to be comfortable and a happy girl. We are looking to find her a home as possibly a therapy horse or for someone as a companion. She is loving. Loves attention. 
If you have any ideas as to where Ariat can live out her life, it would be greatly appreciated. I’ve spoken to many horse owners and trainers.... many have told me to put her down. But I cannot bring myself to do that